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About trip to tanzania with Allure African Safaris

trip to tanzania with Allure African Safari Tours has long set the standard for excellence in wildlife and cultural expeditions and is one of the first outfits to officially offer ecotourism-based tours. Based in Arusha, Tanzania (the “safari capital of East Africa”), we  dedicate to provide global travelers with distinctive, environmentally-friendly excursions into the familiar and not-so-familiar safari parks, villages, mountains, and beaches of Tanzania and Kenya.


East Africa is one of the most ecologically, zoologically, anthropologically, and culturally diverse regions on trip to tanzania on the African continent. Allure African Safari Tours strives to combine our deep knowledge of wildlife and culture, with the unmatched splendor of the landscape and history of our continent to provide an unparalleled and unforgettable experience for our guests.


Allure African Safaris  owns and operates by John Exaudi. John is a registered, degree guide holder with a specialty in East African flora and fauna, an unprecedented knowledge of wildlife, and unique access to some of the region’s most revered tribal communities. John has been leading safari and cultural tours for more than 18 years.

“John, thank you for providing an experience that is completely different than the standard safari package! You are a rare find. Best wishes to everyone at Rafiki Safari Tours!”

– Tracey Eldridge, USA


“John is very friendly, helpful, patient and accommodating. While on the safaris his experience reflected a keen eyesight for spotting all kinds of wildlife and he was knowledgeable regarding historical and current information relevant to what we were doing at the time. We always felt very safe and comfortable while traveling with him as he’s a real professional and truly cares.”

– Janet (mother traveling with 10 yr old daughter ), China

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