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Come to Africa for the wildlife , return home with a friend for life!!
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Allure African Safaris has long set the standard for excellence in wildlife and cultural expeditions and is one of the first outfits to officially offer ecotourism-based tours. Based in Arusha, Tanzania (the “safari capital of East Africa”), we are dedicated to providing global travelers with special, environmentally-friendly excursions into the natural and not-so-familiar safari parks, villages, mountains, and beaches of Tanzania and Kenya. East Africa is one of the most ecologically, zoologically, anthropologically, and culturally diverse regions on the African continents.

“John was very friendly, helpful, patient and accommodating. While on the safaris his experience reflected a keen eyesight for spotting all kinds of wildlife and he was knowledgeable regarding historical and current information relevant to what we were doing at the time. We always felt very safe and comfortable while traveling with him as he’s a real professional and genuinely cares.”
– Janet (mother traveling with ten yr old daughter ), China

Why choose Allure African Safaris?

We consider a remarkable safari experience doesn’t have to be expensive; that’s why we continually try hard to offer the most competitive prices around. Because our working class approach to provides a more affordable way to travel, we’re able to deliver the adventure of a lifetime at a small part of the asking price.

Help me to Plan My Trip To Tanzania

Let us handle all the planning, logistics and scheduling in order for you to get the most out of your holiday. Your happiness on adventure with us is all that matters. You Can Plan at First by simply looking the below special tour package for Wildlife safari, Kilimanjaro Trekking and Zanzibar Tour.

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